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Neutering News

Neutering (both castration and spaying) is one of those subjects that can be very divisive among dog owners. And when a friend mentioned that he and his wife were thinking about neutering their Bulmastiff , or as he put “making that visit to the vet where they go in as a man and come out […]

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Love, Science and Your Dog

At this time of year we often think of love. Do you ever wonder why you love your dog so much? Although you may enchanted by his winsome ways, let’s look at what science says aboput the subject. If you are reading this, then I am probably bloggin’ to the choir. Most of us recognize […]

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Favorite Dog Story of 2012

 One of my favorite dog stories of the year made my short list because of the brouhaha that it caused and the attention it drew to the communication  between species as well as the courage and integrity of those involved. The story began with the incredible rescue by a fireman of the dog Max, who […]

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Pet Friendly Domestic Violence Shelters

While reading a touching story about a program that helped  an elderly hospitalized woman have visits from her beloved litle dog, I discovered  another aspect of that same program. The Florida Keys SPCA’s “Faith Program” also assists people who are victims of domestic abuse and are in need of a temporary shelter for their pet. Victims of […]

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New Hope for Dogs with Spinal Injuries Using Nose Cells

Researchers at Cambridge University have created quite a stir using nose cells to treat spinal injuries in dogs. There are, sadly, several breeds that have higher incidences of spinal problems than others. These are typically the longer-backed dogs like Dachshunds and Bassets, and the giant breeds but there are other breeds as well. These breeds in […]

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Book Review: Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know by Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson

It is a rare combination. Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know is both entertaining and educational. The subtitle – “11 courageous canines TELL ALL” – is the sensational teaser and is a pretty good indication of what this book is all about. Written in the first person (or maybe first dog) these brief […]

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Dog Flipping – What Is It?

I have been hearing anecdotes about “dog flipping” for quite some time. But I thought they were rare and “one offs.” Apparently as the economy worsens more people are turning to this practice to make money. Seller Beware Simply put, “dog flipping” is when someone acquires a dog fraudulently by misrepresenting themselves as a permanent […]

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What Is Your Dog Thinking?

Who among us has not wondered occasionally what our dog is thinking?  Or feeling? I have wondered  that often, sometimes with befuddlement. At times I have felt like shouting “What are you THINKING?.” For example, when the front door is open yet my girl stares deeply into my eyes while peeing on the rug. Or […]

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We are Eight Years Old! just  turned eight years old. And yes, there were presents. Lots and lots of presents! We were delighted that our giveaway to non-profits fell on our birthday, so we actually celebrated by gifting others. And a very good time was had by all! The Austin Humane Society was represented by three wonderful, hard working volunteers, Kassee, […]

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Will Pet Dogs Vanish?

There are two recent developments/articles that have made me wonder about the future of dogs in our lives. The first was an article in the New York Times Magazine which reviewed 32 innovations that they suggest will change your life.  Included in this list was something called “smart fur,” an invention by researchers at the […]

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