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Dogs Bite

It’s a fact – they all have teeth and they are all capable of biting at some time, under some circumstance. Most choose not to bite humans. Hallelujah. But since this was Dog Bite Prevention Week the media has been flooded with stories, many alarming, about dog bites and maulings, both of which are on […]

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Dogs and Sheep

I enjoy finding dog-centric artists and works of art.  If you  enjoy doing this as well, check out The Canine Art Guild, as I do regularly. Another informed source of fine canine creations is Dog Art Today, founded by Moira McLaughlin in 1977. If you want a broad introduction to dogs in fine art, this […]

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Dating and Your Dog

Is your dog a “speed dater?” Or is he likely to spend the time to get to know his or her play date well? Does she flit from dog to dog, happy to stick to the superficial? Or would she prefer meeting someone with similar athletic interests and abilities? Does she look for someone with […]

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Kids with Asperger’s Need Your Vote

Austin Rocks! We are very lucky in Austin to have one of the most innovative and inspiring approaches to helping kids with Asperger’s learn and practice social skills. But to take this program to the next level, and to be able to help many more children, your help is needed. K9 Club – Autism The […]

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A Protein is a Protein is a Protein

A story on NPR  has me wondering about the direction that feeding our dogs may eventually take.  When you look at the history of providing victuals for our dogs, there have been, just as there have been with humans,  fads, sometimes based on new research but more often based on economy and availability. Though dry […]

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Post Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day

Yesterday was “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day.” And what does that have to do with dogs you may ask? Quite a bit actually.  The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and many other dog or veteran related organizations joined a campaign, called “Dog Bless U.S.A.,” to raise awareness of the awesome healing and helping abilities that dogs can have […]

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Dogs and Owners Reunited Through Facebook and Twitter

As the post-tornado devastation continues in Joplin, Missouri, hope lies in the heart-warming stories of Joplin pet owners reuniting with the dogs or other pets they lost during the May 22 tornado.  One of the most remarkable stories is of Mason, a dog with two broken legs, and able only to crawl!  But it’s not […]

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