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Pet Parent City Guides

We would like to introduce you to our friends at PetParent. Their City Guides bring you the best of each city for your pets. Looking to bring your dog with you to dinner or out to the park? They’ll help you find the right place! Need to find the best boutiques or groomers in town? Their […]

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Dogs At The Beach

Summertime – And the Livin’ Is Easy Those famous lyrics couldn’t be further from the truth for many dogs who suffer through the best of intentions by their parents. We all want to share the good times with our friends. But summer fun comes with its own set of perils. What might be grand fun […]

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Parting Ways with Your Veterinarian

I am fortunate to have a wonderful veterinarian. Part of the wonderful – ness is the freedom I feel to ask questions about his diagnosis and treatment approach. But over the years I have found a few red flags that make me sit up, take notice, and possibly rethink (or possibly just run as fast […]

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Finding The Perfect Canine Match – or How Not To Run Amok

Don’t leave finding your perfect canine match up to chance. Breaking up is hard to do and  these tips may save you as well as your pup from heartbreak. Take your time. This is a commitment. A dog’s average life expectancy  (13 years) is longer than the average length of first marriages (8 years.) Committing […]

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Quick Tip: How To Use Gooey Treats For Training

An important component when you are training your dog, is the immediate and timely rewarding of good behavior. With some dogs this is simply a scratch behind the ears, a toss of the ball or a few kind words.  But for the majority, when training NEW behaviors, the reward must be of a higher value.  […]

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New Ways To Exercise Your Dog

Find The Balance Between Mental and Physical Stimulation Does your dog have a weight problem? Is he the perfect weight…but just too short? Canine obesity is rampant. And losing weight by exercising regularly is one of the most popular and frequently broken New Year’s resolutions, so this year I am aiming low. I hereby resolve to meet […]

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Halloween, Stranger Danger and Your Dog

Halloween characters and costumes may not be much of a treat for your dog, especially if this is his very first Halloween. Young dogs who have only been part of the family for a short while are especially vulnerable as they have probably not even experienced your seasonal wardrobe change. When the first cold front […]

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Dog Play

How Dogs Show They Were “Just Kidding” Most of us have come home to an excited dog, happy to see us, who offers multiple “play bows.”  With forelegs extended, tail wagging,  and butt in the air it seems to be an invitation to “come play.” One can also initiate this oneself by mimicking our dogs. […]

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DINOSaurs,Dogs, and Bubbles

What’s the link between DINOSaurs, dogs and bubbles? There really is one! When I am preparing to teach a class to trainers, even if I have taught it before, I always poke around on the internet just to see if there is anything new related to what I am teaching. But this time around, I […]

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Does Your Dog Smell?

If you live with something noxious long enough, you become inured to it. So when I have really close friends over, I often ask “Does it smell doggie in here?” My circle of friends is, apparently, very candid and subscribe accordingly to the “honesty is the best policy” principle. Consequently, I have tested nearly every […]

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