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DIY Dog Containment

There are many reasons you may want to contain your dog. If you don’t want to crate him, but still want to limit access to the entire house, you may decide to use a gate. I have used a variety of gates and have never been entirely happy with them.  For the most part, they […]

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Five Summertime Tips Your Dog Will Thank Me For

Sharing summertime fun with our canine pals brings its own set of issues and problems. Here are five tips to keep them safe. 1. When swimming, remember that many dogs will swim till they sink!  Either have a life jacket on them keep your eyes glued on them and just like children, you may need […]

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How To Keep Fido Happy and Healthy This Holiday

With the upcoming holidays and your favorite pet being an important part of your family, there are certain foods that you should be aware are toxic to dogs at some levels.  Most people are aware of chocolate’s toxicity for dogs, but there are many other foods and plants that can ruin your holiday if your […]

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The Top Dangers of the Coming Cold Weather To Your Dog

We are still having warm days, but even after the seemingly endless days of summer (this year, in Austin, we had 90 days of 100+ degree heat) there is a hint that winter is just around the corner.  It is time to review important winter tips for keeping your pet healthy and happy. Morton’s Salt […]

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Calling All Cookie Monsters and Treat Whores

“Me want Cookie! Me eat Cookie! Om nom nom nom. …Me want Cookie. Me eat Cookie” etc. Does this sound like your dog? Or does Fido fail to put out unless you show ‘em the money? In response to a post I wrote last week, Cyndi wrote “Great article! What about phasing off treats completely? At […]

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The Problem of Finding Help For Your Problem Dog

This morning I had the thrill of adding a few more initials after my name, those of CBCC – KA (Certified Behavior Consultant Canine – Knowledge Assessed.) And while that was a thrill, what is more thrilling are the changes  happening in the profession of dog training.  And it is about time! History Until 2001 […]

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How Do You Celebrate Your Dog’s Special Day?

Michelle Stark, writer, friend, and fellow pet parent, has shared some thoughts about the upcoming birthday of her eldest – Tank. Although I have heard of and even attended a few large  parties to celebrate a birthday, they are not really my style. Frankly, I am not sure that the celebrant really had a good […]

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More Dog Food Disappointments

They have to eat, but what is the best food? It really has become such a dilemma and a hot topic as well. Not only do we have to figure out what type of diet is best for our dogs, but then we have to find the brand with those ingredients, and then we have […]

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Does Your Dog Make You Happier?

I was reading an article the other day that I came across on the opinion page of the New York Times. It is interesting as it presents a collection of articles that show mixed results  as far as the health benefits of owning a pet dog. For instance a Pew Research Report shows that pet owners […]

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Money Saving Ideas at the Pet Store

Most of us these days are looking for ways to save. Whether at the gas pump, the grocery store or the pet store we are looking for EASY and PAINLESS ways to save. I often get caught up in the moment and run in to pick up a bag of food and come away with […]

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