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Teach Your Dog to Play The Slots

Gamblers Anonymous – and Why Your Dog Shouldn’t Join If the title makes it sound like I am promoting vice I apologize. But I am in some ways promoting gambling with your dog.   I have a dog in one of my classes who will do nothing unless his owner “shows him the money.” Hiding a […]

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The Problem of Finding Help For Your Problem Dog

This morning I had the thrill of adding a few more initials after my name, those of CBCC – KA (Certified Behavior Consultant Canine – Knowledge Assessed.) And while that was a thrill, what is more thrilling are the changes  happening in the profession of dog training.  And it is about time! History Until 2001 […]

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Tricks Are Not Only For Kids

Tricks Get A Really Bad Rap   Sometimes dog “tricks” are dismissed  as mere tricks, but I’d like to argue that it is ALL tricks! I don’t believe dogs are capable of deciding or distinguishing between what is a trick and what is “obedience.” And it is a distinction that should be blurred in our […]

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And You Thought He Was Color Blind

Popular wisdom use to hold that dogs were color blind. Now it is believed that their color spectrum probably only encompasses  yellow, blue and gray and that they are able to distinguish differences within those colors. If you would like to experience what the world looks like to Fido,there is even an app for that! Dogster […]

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Is Your Dog A Good Citizen?

  Does your dog sit politely for petting? Walk nicely on a leash through a crowd? Does he come when called? If so, he may be able to become a Canine Good Citizen! The AKC offers the Canine Good Citizen award which is becoming increasingly sought after for a number of reason. It is open […]

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Agility – Virtually!

I think this is a great idea and it appears that the idea is gathering momentum.”Therapeutic agility” is based on the belief  that fearful and reactive dogs can benefit greatly from the exercise as well the focus that is required to do agility. Although this isn’t exactly a novel idea the “Valor Project” is.   While many reactive, fearful […]

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Training Tune – Up

I’ve emphasized to my students the need for a reliable recall – a word that makes Fido stop in his tracks, pivot, and run right back at you with legs moving faster than a dog’s tail in a meat market. Safety is my number one reason. If your dog is headed into the slow lane of […]

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How To Design a Dog Friendly Yard

Here in Central Texas we are fast approaching spring and of course there are huge crowds at all the nurseries, at all hours. Before you start drooling over those  flats of colorful plants and waste too much time at your nursery, plan ahead with your dog’s needs (and desires) in mind. Consider These Points First […]

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Doing Too Much For Your Dog?

It is a strange question, but I have been wondering whether one can do too much for one’s dog.  It came to mind as I was reading a series of studies done with a multitude of species showing that many animals actually prefer , or choose, to work for for food rather than just receive […]

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Does Your Dog Have Selective Hearing?

I occasionally find myself checking my dog’s ears for carrots. Something must be making them deaf, I think to myself, because I know they know what “here” means. I have trained it carefully. For years. And proofed it in all kinds of situations. So what is the problem? Usually the problem is just too much. […]

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