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A Bulldog’s Wish For You

While poking around last week for Black Friday sales I came across some interesting advice from “Dear Fabby.” Fabby is an entertaining girl with some good suggestions in the form of a photovid and I tweeted about it.  It turns out that was only the tip of the iceberg! More on that later, but first […]

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A Dog Trick Video Unlike Any Other!

Tired of the same ol’ same ol’?  “Shake” and “roll over” just not doing it for you anymore?  This video and music will make you smile and inspire you as well.  And best of all, the training was done using “clicker training.” Turn up the volume and enjoy!

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Pool Playing Pitbull

This guy has talent! I wonder if he could give me some pointers.

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“How Do I Stop My Dog From Going Crazy When The Doorbell Rings?”

Sudden ear-piercing, non-stop barking, charging the door, and acting like a maniac. Does this describe your dog when the doorbell rings? Doorbell = Dinner Approach This common problem is relatively easy to deal with by teaching a behavior or response that is incompatible with that craziness. If your puppy is very young, you can start […]

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Morris Animal Foundation’s K9 Cancer Walks

The Morris Animal Foundation has funded well over 100 canine cancer studies, and significant advances in the detection and treatment of this disease, which will affect more than half of all dogs, have been made thanks to their funding.  If you have been touched by this disease you know the devastation it can wreak. Early […]

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How Can I Communicate Better With My Dog?

This being Banned Books Week (September 25 – October 2) my mind has turned to one of the few banned books I have actually read – Alice In Wonderland.  It turns out that in 1931, Through A Looking Glass, which is the original title, was banned because animals are just not suppose to talk like […]

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Puggy Wins And Sets Guinness World Record!

Strange but funny video of Puggy The Pekingese!

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Why Is Tommy Lee Jones Mentioned On A Dog Blog?

Frankly, it is just an excuse to be able to show you this fun video! So, Happy Birthday Tommy, and everyone else born September 15th. Enjoy!

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Dogs Just Wanna’ Have Fun!

Don’t you wish you could start every day with this sort of energy and happiness? I sure do!

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Stairs Are A Slippery Slope

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