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The Ticklish Issue of Dominance

There are many trainers who base their dog training methods on a mistaken interpretation of some research done in the 60’s involving captive grey wolves, dominance and “the pack.“ These beliefs have become so entrenched in popular culture that while getting to know a new client I make it a point to find out where […]

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Wallaroo and Dingo Tango

  A long time ago I was studying for an exam on the evolution of the dog and dingoes were mentioned briefly.They interested me but I didn’t pursue it any further. When I recently stumbled upon this video I decided it was a good time to learn a bit more about them. Dingoes are wild […]

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Dog Play

How Dogs Show They Were “Just Kidding” Most of us have come home to an excited dog, happy to see us, who offers multiple “play bows.”  With forelegs extended, tail wagging,  and butt in the air it seems to be an invitation to “come play.” One can also initiate this oneself by mimicking our dogs. […]

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The Joy of Inter – species Friendship

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms” – George Eliot As dog lovers, we frequently have emotional encounters with another species. We’ve probably had plenty of experience interpreting animal behavior in the same way we interpret our own. When my dogs come running at me with their squeaker […]

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Changing a Dog’s Bad Behavior – Will It Work?

I have been thinking about learning a new skill lately, specifically using the keyboard without looking at my fingers, which I am doing right now – slowly. I have been typing while looking at my fingers for a long time and it is really a struggle to resist the temptation to take a peek. How […]

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Dogs Don’t Lie About Size!

  If I were inclined to fight over a bone, which I am not, I would probably want to know the size of the brute I’d be taking on. After all, with a really delectable and much loved bone I might be willing to take on someone my own size or smaller, but a Schwarzenegger-sized opponent might […]

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Mass Saiga Death and The Betty White Wildlife Rapid Response Fund

Dogs are my species of choice, but I am interested in all animals and when I come across an interesting, controversial, or thought provoking story I like to share it. And here is a good one. Betty White’s 2011 Calendar and The Saiga Antelope Isn’t it odd, and fortuitous, that Betty White’s resurgence of popularity […]

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Should You Really Hug Your Dog Today?

You are probably thinking to yourself  “of course I should hug my dog today, what a silly question.” But surprisingly, maybe it really isn’t such a good idea after all. As a trainer I often deal with miscommunications between people and their dogs.  Think of how many miscommunications we have with our own species and […]

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The Science of Why You Love Your Dog

If you are reading this, then I am probably bloggin’ to the choir. Most of us recognize that our love for our pets is deep and perhaps a bit of a mystery to us and others. I am often reminded of this when I explain how I don’t sleep very well unless I have my dog  […]

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