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Subtle Dog Humor (for the dog savvy)

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Your Doppelganger/Doggelganger is Here

Just a little fun this Friday. Here is a site that will find your doggelganger. It is a great campaign in New Zealand to help promote adoptions by matching your facial features with those of a dog looking for a home. Based on the idea that we often look like our pets, it can use […]

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Things I’ve Learned From My Dogs

I’m fortunate to have good friends who love dogs AND love to write ! Michelle Stark has expressed so well the many things she has learned from her dogs. She has also made me realize I have much to learn. My Lessons My dogs are smart. I know that I may be just a wee […]

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Dog Names – Some Funny. Some Formal. Some Profane.

Guest blogger, author and friend Michelle Stark, shares how she arrives at an appropriate dog name. How did you arrive at your dog’s name? Shakespeare queried, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other would smell as sweet.”  I find this to be very true.  Our dogs have multiple names; […]

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Training Tune – Up

I’ve emphasized to my students the need for a reliable recall – a word that makes Fido stop in his tracks, pivot, and run right back at you with legs moving faster than a dog’s tail in a meat market. Safety is my number one reason. If your dog is headed into the slow lane of […]

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The Joy of Inter – species Friendship

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms” – George Eliot As dog lovers, we frequently have emotional encounters with another species. We’ve probably had plenty of experience interpreting animal behavior in the same way we interpret our own. When my dogs come running at me with their squeaker […]

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Adding Another Dog – Is Three a Crowd?

Guest blogger, Michelle Stark, writes honestly and lovingly about her experience of adding yet another Bulldog to the mix.  She also touches on a topic I think of often as I have two older dogs who are, strangely, very bonded with one another. And I do mean strangely as it is sometimes a love/hate relationship. […]

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Funny, New Dog Video

I try to keep an eye out for new, funny, and worthy dog videos. This one features some very talented Border Terriers and their very talented trainer.

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A Multi-Dog Household Story

Michelle Stark, author, good friend and proud bulldog Momma continues the saga of her growing family. Are two dogs better than one? If the work increases exponentially, does the fun increase as well? Oh What We Thought We Knew With Puppy Number Two After my husband and I married, we added another bulldog puppy to […]

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What You Can Learn About Parenting From Puppy Parenting First

 Michelle Stark, author, good friend and proud bulldog Momma, writes lovingly about  her learning experiences and how they relate to learning about your “partner” and your relationship. As you will read below, Tank was her first born. She is now the happy mother of three bulldogs including a 12 week  old puppy. I’m interested in learning […]

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