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Book Review: Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know by Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson

It is a rare combination. Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know is both entertaining and educational. The subtitle – “11 courageous canines TELL ALL” – is the sensational teaser and is a pretty good indication of what this book is all about. Written in the first person (or maybe first dog) these brief […]

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Worldwide Winklemania

WWW – Worldwide Winklemania Since his 2001 debut, Mr. Winkle’s fan base has increased exponentially. An internet sensation for over ten years, Mr. Winkle has finally broken the glass ceiling  between kitschy- cute and contemporary art.  The “cutest dog in the world” has had his very own calendar yearly beginning in 2001 and now the […]

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Great Colorful Dog Breed Restickable Calendars!

I don’t often talk about products here, but I am really excited about these new and unique re – stickable dog breed calendars for 2013. These will go fast, so pre – order yours now. They would make a great gift for that dog breed owner has EVERYTHING – because they won’t have these! Over […]

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Great Gadgets for Dogs

Leia Gets the Lay of the Land Ever wonder what your dog is experiencing as they run  in the park? Or shop for a new toy? Here are two gadgets that may help. Leia is modeling the GoPro – an easy to mount and operate camera, at a reasonable price.   I love this video […]

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DINOSaurs,Dogs, and Bubbles

What’s the link between DINOSaurs, dogs and bubbles? There really is one! When I am preparing to teach a class to trainers, even if I have taught it before, I always poke around on the internet just to see if there is anything new related to what I am teaching. But this time around, I […]

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Does Your Dog Smell?

If you live with something noxious long enough, you become inured to it. So when I have really close friends over, I often ask “Does it smell doggie in here?” My circle of friends is, apparently, very candid and subscribe accordingly to the “honesty is the best policy” principle. Consequently, I have tested nearly every […]

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How To Find the Most Unique Dog Gifts

It’s easy to stay up with the latest in dog gifts with a strong element of design. Just subscribe to this newsletter -  Dog Milk: Where Dogs Meet Design. I have been subscribing to this daily newsletter for over a year. It is the one, and only,  email that I always look forward to receiving […]

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Cool Off With a Bit Of Canine Art

Surrounding yourself with art that is significant to you can truly lift your spirits. In Texas we are in the dog days of summer with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees for over 20 days straight. It can get a East Coast girl down! So when I stumbled upon a really beautiful painting of a young girl […]

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Do Dogs, Puppies and Kittens Do Yoga?

I don’t often actually mention product here but I can’t resist doing so today. Everytime I see these 2012 Calendars it brings a smile to my face! Behold the delights of digital photography brought to you by our animal loving friends at BrownTrout Publishers. Check them out! They are in high demand so if you […]

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What Is A Bully Stick?

Finding a special treat for your dog can be a confusing quest at times. And if you have a heavy chewer it is even more problematical because they can destroy or finish the object of desire so quickly. My dogs have a few favorites, none that last very long. But over and over again people […]

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