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Is a Doggy Cam Right For You?

Is a Doggy Cam a good idea? We have all seen the prime-time news magazine stories showing tapes of neglectful or abusive nannies. Nanny Cams have become so ubiquitous most nannies feel that they are likely under watchful eyes at least some of the time. If you have hired a dog walker or dog sitter, […]

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A Cool Pool for a Cool Dog

I do hope my dogs never get wind of this, as I suspect I would have a mutiny on my hands. They have a lovely little blue plastic pool in the backyard which until now they have been very happy with. But Jan Arduini has made every effort to include her dog Scooter in all their […]

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Does Your Dog Shed? Is This A Solution?

Here is a new approach to the old problem of hair – covered chairs, blankets, pillows, food and clothes. A twist on the hairnet for those who do food – prep. They are made of a lightweight netting material that can be left on for hours and are called PetNets. The manufacturer claims that it will capture the dog  hair […]

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How To Design a Dog Friendly Yard

Here in Central Texas we are fast approaching spring and of course there are huge crowds at all the nurseries, at all hours. Before you start drooling over those  flats of colorful plants and waste too much time at your nursery, plan ahead with your dog’s needs (and desires) in mind. Consider These Points First […]

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Does Your Dog Have Selective Hearing?

I occasionally find myself checking my dog’s ears for carrots. Something must be making them deaf, I think to myself, because I know they know what “here” means. I have trained it carefully. For years. And proofed it in all kinds of situations. So what is the problem? Usually the problem is just too much. […]

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A Bulldog’s Wish For You

While poking around last week for Black Friday sales I came across some interesting advice from “Dear Fabby.” Fabby is an entertaining girl with some good suggestions in the form of a photovid and I tweeted about it.  It turns out that was only the tip of the iceberg! More on that later, but first […]

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How and Why To Use A Power Tool For Your Dog’s Nails

The top 5 reasons you should use a power rotary tool to trim your dog’s nails! 1) It causes less discomfort or outright pain for the dog. This leads to less stress for you and your dog. 2) It avoids cutting into the quick which can lead to a potential blood bath. 3) Over time, […]

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Take A Look At These Puppies!

In early puppy-hood my dogs, like many others, enjoyed nothing so much as a good ol’ chew on a good ol’ shoe. Frequently that turned out to be my favorite pair, but finally someone learned better.  And I was at last fully trained to pick up my shoes and not leave them sitting temptingly around […]

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It’s Our Birthday Gift To You!

We are six months old! And like any six-month-old, we have learned a lot about the world – in this case the blogging world. To celebrate we are offering FREE SHIPPING when you use the coupon code HAPPYBDAY at This will be good until November 8th only so take advantage of it to buy […]

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Dog Walking and Wise Words

I have three dogs and each has a distinct take on the relevance of exercise to their life. I have one that finds it an adventure everyday, in every way and can’t wait to get out there and sniff the morning air. And then I have one who just can’t be bothered – really, what’s the point? And one who […]

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