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Dog Flipping – What Is It?

I have been hearing anecdotes about “dog flipping” for quite some time. But I thought they were rare and “one offs.” Apparently as the economy worsens more people are turning to this practice to make money. Seller Beware Simply put, “dog flipping” is when someone acquires a dog fraudulently by misrepresenting themselves as a permanent […]

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Your Doppelganger/Doggelganger is Here

Just a little fun this Friday. Here is a site that will find your doggelganger. It is a great campaign in New Zealand to help promote adoptions by matching your facial features with those of a dog looking for a home. Based on the idea that we often look like our pets, it can use […]

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This is Adopt-a-Senior Month and You Can Help

 The month is slipping by and I can’t let it go by without trying to bring some attention and awareness to “Adopt-A-Senior Month.” Finding the perfect dog can be difficult and confusing. When we go to a shelter we are frequently drawn to the puppies. They are irresistibly cute as are those rambunctious teenagers. But, […]

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BlogPaws Conference Speaker Mike Arms Offered Quality Content and Hope For Animal Shelters

Kudos to those who organized the BlogPaws West event in Denver. It was well run, well attended, and offered many speakers with differing opinions as well as areas of expertise. It was a successful trip all around. Not only did I get to meet some incredible people, to whom I will introduce  you over the […]

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Rescue Ink – An Animal Rescue Group With Real Attitude

Rescue Ink is a rescue group that is, as they claim,  not for your mother! This is a NYC based group with massive amounts of attitude, whose purpose is not just to rescue animals of many species, but to educate people about animal abuse and neglect. While writing the post about Operation Roger, which is […]

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Pilots Volunteer To Transport Animals To New Homes

Last week I posted about Operation Roger, a dedicated group of truckers who volunteer their time and space to transporting needy animals across country to new homes. As I wrote and researched the post I became aware of other organizations who provide similar services including one that provides air service. While some of us enjoy […]

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