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Dog Swimming Safety Tips!

One of our favorite calendars, Underwater Dogs, is now in stock and shipping! Our good friends at Pet Parent also recently made a very timely post concerning ‘Dog Swimming Safety Tips’.  Their article addresses how to keep your pooches safe while playing in the water this summer. Be sure to check out the full article from Pet […]

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Parting Ways with Your Veterinarian

I am fortunate to have a wonderful veterinarian. Part of the wonderful – ness is the freedom I feel to ask questions about his diagnosis and treatment approach. But over the years I have found a few red flags that make me sit up, take notice, and possibly rethink (or possibly just run as fast […]

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Dog Play

How Dogs Show They Were “Just Kidding” Most of us have come home to an excited dog, happy to see us, who offers multiple “play bows.”  With forelegs extended, tail wagging,  and butt in the air it seems to be an invitation to “come play.” One can also initiate this oneself by mimicking our dogs. […]

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DINOSaurs,Dogs, and Bubbles

What’s the link between DINOSaurs, dogs and bubbles? There really is one! When I am preparing to teach a class to trainers, even if I have taught it before, I always poke around on the internet just to see if there is anything new related to what I am teaching. But this time around, I […]

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A Protein is a Protein is a Protein

A story on NPR  has me wondering about the direction that feeding our dogs may eventually take.  When you look at the history of providing victuals for our dogs, there have been, just as there have been with humans,  fads, sometimes based on new research but more often based on economy and availability. Though dry […]

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How To Cope with The Death of Your Dog

This is a hard one. Hard for me to think about and hard for me to write about, but as dog owners we likely will have to cope with this numerous times. It is the painful part of having a dog. If you have a short-lived breed then it probably entered into your decision to get […]

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A Texas Girl Goes Dog Sledding

Having been around dogs most of my life, I have been exposed, at least peripherally, to quite a few of the huge and ever-growing number of “dog sports.” But never dog sledding! So when my friend and fellow bulldog club member, Barbara Gattis,  came back from her trip to Colorado and regaled us with stories of […]

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A Boy and His Dog

  This photo of my friend’s grandson, Thomas,  and his dog, Charlie,  started me thinking about the first dogs in my life and my friendships with them.  I think the photo captures the essence of a boy and his playmate and the deep friendship they have. Our first dogs often leave deep and lasting impressions and shape all future […]

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Check Out A Therapy Dog. Literally!

Therapy dogs are being appreciated these days in a wide variety of settings, from funeral homes to law school libraries. Yes, that’s right. You can now check out Monty from the Yale Law Library for up to 30 minutes. This is just a pilot program at the moment, but I could see this becoming a […]

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How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

There are great ways to have fun with your dog on this special day. Try to spend some extra quality time with your loved one but also take a moment and read the “Ten Commandments For Dog Owners.” I wish I knew who wrote it so I could attribute it to them. I always take […]

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