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Things I’ve Learned From My Dogs

I’m fortunate to have good friends who love dogs AND love to write ! Michelle Stark has expressed so well the many things she has learned from her dogs. She has also made me realize I have much to learn. My Lessons My dogs are smart. I know that I may be just a wee […]

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Should You Really Hug Your Dog Today?

You are probably thinking to yourself  “of course I should hug my dog today, what a silly question.” But surprisingly, maybe it really isn’t such a good idea after all. As a trainer I often deal with miscommunications between people and their dogs.  Think of how many miscommunications we have with our own species and […]

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Effects of Human Affection Endure Many Days For Shelter Dogs

In a very interesting column that appeared in Scientific American recently by Jesse Bering, I came across some references to a few studies regarding the human-dog bond.  The article was mainly about the ability of stray dogs in Sofia, Bulgaria to follow a human’s gesture of pointing. While those findings where very interesting, what really […]

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Affectionate Puppies and the Not So Affectionate

Some dogs, like people, are more affectionate than others and some breeds are notorious for expressing their affection more openly than others.  Most people, especially those who have grown up with dogs, consider this one of the primary reasons for having a dog.  They feel free expressing this love as well as being the object […]

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