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Dogs Bite

It’s a fact – they all have teeth and they are all capable of biting at some time, under some circumstance. Most choose not to bite humans. Hallelujah. But since this was Dog Bite Prevention Week the media has been flooded with stories, many alarming, about dog bites and maulings, both of which are on […]

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How Can I Communicate Better With My Dog?

This being Banned Books Week (September 25 – October 2) my mind has turned to one of the few banned books I have actually read – Alice In Wonderland.  It turns out that in 1931, Through A Looking Glass, which is the original title, was banned because animals are just not suppose to talk like […]

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Affectionate Puppies and the Not So Affectionate

Some dogs, like people, are more affectionate than others and some breeds are notorious for expressing their affection more openly than others.  Most people, especially those who have grown up with dogs, consider this one of the primary reasons for having a dog.  They feel free expressing this love as well as being the object […]

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