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Is Your Dog A Good Citizen?

  Does your dog sit politely for petting? Walk nicely on a leash through a crowd? Does he come when called? If so, he may be able to become a Canine Good Citizen! The AKC offers the Canine Good Citizen award which is becoming increasingly sought after for a number of reason. It is open […]

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Top 2011 Resolution: Get Fit With Fido

I planned today on reporting my success or failure in the keeping of my 2010 resolutions. However I,like many, have forgotten what those might have been.  It is hard to  believe another year has passed so quickly and  I like the way  Dave Barry expresses his wonderment of this: “Aside from velcro, time is the […]

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AKC Welcomes All-American Dogs

Well it’s about time! It only took, how many years? One hundred and twenty-five? Finally, the All American mixed breed dog can compete right alongside the purebred guys. Mixes, mutts, Heinz 57, All American – – call them what you will, they have sprung onto the American Kennel Club show scene. Canine Partners While the […]

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Your Dog’s Energy Level and Exercise Requirements

As a trainer, I often deal with mismatches. The huge, energetic dog with no manners and a small, demure owner is a frequent mismatch. Another is the brilliant dog who really needs a job and the owner who is a couch potato. Or the athlete who has a Chihuahua and would like to take him […]

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