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Effects of Human Affection Endure Many Days For Shelter Dogs

In a very interesting column that appeared in Scientific American recently by Jesse Bering, I came across some references to a few studies regarding the human-dog bond.  The article was mainly about the ability of stray dogs in Sofia, Bulgaria to follow a human’s gesture of pointing. While those findings where very interesting, what really […]

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Does Your Dog Yawn When You Do?

Many people feel that their dogs empathize with them when they are sick or troubled. But now there is scientific evidence to support this! This is really an important breakthrough for lots of reasons and if nothing else should convince the skeptics out there that there is at least a possibility that our dogs empathize. […]

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The Science of Why You Love Your Dog

If you are reading this, then I am probably bloggin’ to the choir. Most of us recognize that our love for our pets is deep and perhaps a bit of a mystery to us and others. I am often reminded of this when I explain how I don’t sleep very well unless I have my dog  […]

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How Can Autistic Kids and Dogs Work Together?

Children who have “autism spectrum disorder” often have difficulty making friends, expressing their needs verbally,understanding personal space and making eye contact. And with the entire summer looming before them, the end of the school year can mark a difficult time for the families of these children. Traditional camp environments are overwhelming for these kids and […]

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