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Kids with Asperger’s Need Your Vote

Austin Rocks! We are very lucky in Austin to have one of the most innovative and inspiring approaches to helping kids with Asperger’s learn and practice social skills. But to take this program to the next level, and to be able to help many more children, your help is needed. K9 Club – Autism The […]

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The Science of Why You Love Your Dog

If you are reading this, then I am probably bloggin’ to the choir. Most of us recognize that our love for our pets is deep and perhaps a bit of a mystery to us and others. I am often reminded of this when I explain how I don’t sleep very well unless I have my dog  […]

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How Can Autistic Kids and Dogs Work Together?

Children who have “autism spectrum disorder” often have difficulty making friends, expressing their needs verbally,understanding personal space and making eye contact. And with the entire summer looming before them, the end of the school year can mark a difficult time for the families of these children. Traditional camp environments are overwhelming for these kids and […]

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