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What Can I Do About a Neighbor’s Barking Dog?

  I use TweetDeck to keep up with Twitter, or at least attempt to keep up. And every day I see comments, usually filled with expletives, about neighbors with barking dogs.  It seems to be an epidemic. And just one barking dog can destroy the peace and quiet of an entire neighborhood. Not to mention driving them […]

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“How Do I Stop My Dog From Going Crazy When The Doorbell Rings?”

Sudden ear-piercing, non-stop barking, charging the door, and acting like a maniac. Does this describe your dog when the doorbell rings? Doorbell = Dinner Approach This common problem is relatively easy to deal with by teaching a behavior or response that is incompatible with that craziness. If your puppy is very young, you can start […]

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How Do I Stop My Dog From Going Crazy When The Doorbell Rings?

  Why Do They Do That? This is a question I often hear in class and it came up yesterday in a class in relation to doorbells. What is all that excitement about?  Why do they run around like they just won the lottery? Because they did! They know that when the doorbell rings all sorts […]

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