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Q: What Do You Do About Bedbugs? A: Get A Beagle

More and more stories are appearing about the prevalence¬† and increase of bedbugs in the US .¬† New York City has even set aside a half million dollars to deal with the pesky pests who have infested the Empire State Building, a theater, a district attorney’s office, and even an upscale lingerie store. Is nothing […]

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Games For Fido’s Nose

Your dog may not have any bloodhound in him but I can assure you that whatever breed or mix he is, his sense of smell is better than yours! But how can we make use of this skill and develop it? Easy. Nose games and activities that reward him for following his olfactory sense.

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How Your Dog Makes Sense Of Scents

What does your dog have in common with Jennifer Lopez? Perhaps an awful lot. Lopez once said “I judge people by how they smell, not by how they look.” I’m not saying Lopez is a dog, but she certainly shares this attitude with them. And this gift of smell may account for why we sometimes […]

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