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Mice Can Detect Avian Flu. Can Dogs?

  At a recent meeting of the American Chemical Society a paper was presented showing that  trained mice were exceptional at detecting the bird flu among ducks and with an amazing success rate!  There are three aspects of the story that fascinate me. Trained mice are more accurate  than any instruments yet developed to detect this flu Species-jumping diseases […]

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Morris Animal Foundation’s K9 Cancer Walks

The Morris Animal Foundation has funded well over 100 canine cancer studies, and significant advances in the detection and treatment of this disease, which will affect more than half of all dogs, have been made thanks to their funding.  If you have been touched by this disease you know the devastation it can wreak. Early […]

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Morris Animal Foundation and Betty White Team Up

  Apparently like many of us here at DogBreedstore.com and our parent company Calendar Club, Betty White works so that she can do some good for the animals. Her recent surge in popularity has led her to pose for a very special calendar.   The proceeds of this endeavor will go to the Morris Animal Foundation.  The […]

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