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The Why And How Of Crate Training

As a trainer I have probably received more effusive “thank you thank you thank you’s” for convincing clients to use a crate than for any other bit of information I have provided. People who have been on the brink of giving up have managed to turn things around using a crate appropriately as well people […]

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Puppy Chewing And Prevention

A shoe here.  A couch there. Maybe some clothing or the occasional electrical cord. Do these account for some part of your puppy’s daily intake? Thinking of decorating with an industrial look? Say concrete and tin? Don’t despair. There is a way forward that doesn’t involve tooth extraction! I have both puppy-proofed and child-proofed a home and […]

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How To Quickly Housebreak Your Puppy

House-training. It’s a whiz! Easy for me to say now as the struggles are far in the past.  But I do recall how overwhelmingly constant the process was. As soon as you accept the fact that they either need to pee or poo every time you blink, and that your job is to see that […]

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