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Rally ’Round For Rally-O

I suspect you might be seeing a lot about Rally – O on this blog in the near future. I’m really excited about teaching a clicker Rally class soon and my posts will follow what we are doing class.   Rally Obedience is a relatively new sport with the AKC adding it to their roster of […]

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Doing Too Much For Your Dog?

It is a strange question, but I have been wondering whether one can do too much for one’s dog.  It came to mind as I was reading a series of studies done with a multitude of species showing that many animals actually prefer , or choose, to work for for food rather than just receive […]

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Dog Training The Very Easy Way

There are times, for instance the post-prandial holiday crash, when you simply don’t feel like getting up off the couch. As I was enjoying a bit of peace after a recent deluge of  family and friends, my dogs decided that they just weren’t in the mood.  As sometimes happens, my life has been busier than […]

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Is This Dog Crossing It Eyes?

This trick is a little creepy, but pretty cool. Some say it is fake, but whether it is or not it brings up a good training question. How would one train that? I’ll admit that I have never even thought of training a dog to cross its eyes, but I can imagine how it might […]

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Practice Makes Perfect – How To Train Almost Anything

Such a simple saying, but oh so important when you are sharing your life with a dog! Looking carefully at what I allow my dogs to do vs. what I ask them to do, it is clear that they spend much more time doing as they please, rather than doing as I please.  It is […]

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A Dog Trick Video Unlike Any Other!

Tired of the same ol’ same ol’?  “Shake” and “roll over” just not doing it for you anymore?  This video and music will make you smile and inspire you as well.  And best of all, the training was done using “clicker training.” Turn up the volume and enjoy!

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How To Get Your Dog’s Attention and Keep It

Sometimes getting your dog’s attention isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sometimes it even feels like they are ignoring us! Am I right? But consider this: there is a lot of competition out there. There are great things to sniff, things to chase, noises to pay attention to. The list goes on and on. So how can […]

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What Is Clicker Training?

What exactly is “clicker training” ?  The clicker, which is a small, handheld, noisemaker, makes a distinctive sound that is used to mark behaviors that you would like to see repeated. In the beginning, it is associated with a reward, generally food (but not always).  So a “click” is followed rapidly by a treat (C/T). Once […]

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How to Train Loose Leash Walking

Do you have a stiff achy shoulder? Is one arm longer than the other? Are the muscles in one arm bulging and well developed? If so, you are probably suffering from a common syndrome found among the dog owning population called Dog Walker Dysfunction. Though no tiny purple pill has been developed for this problem, […]

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How To Choose A Dog Trainer

So you have a new puppy, and you want him to become a well-mannered member of the family and the envy of all your friends. Where do you begin? Finding A Good Fit With many different methods and approaches available, it is worth becoming familiar with them before choosing. Classes are available everywhere now, and […]

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