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Decorating Tips for Dog Parents

Reading Rod’s GoPetFriendly post earlier this week  gave me food for thought. Go read it if you want a good hardy chuckle. He wrote about living with two large, hairy dogs in a Winnebago. I haven’t met Rod, but I must say I think he is a fearless man. Two people, two dogs and 200-square-feet […]

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A Car For Your Dog

My friend Patti chuckled as she slid into the passenger’s seat. It was a knowing chuckle. Definitely an “I am laughing with you” sort of chuckle as opposed to an “I am laughing at you” sort. She is a dog person as well and as such understood inherently upon accepting a ride that a bit […]

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Dog and Puppy Health Issues

Before bringing your new puppy or dog  home,  find a vet that you feel comfortable working with.  Hopefully you won’t be seeing him often but you want someone with whom you have a rapport, whom you trust, whose bedside manner you like and is convenient to home.  Get a “well puppy” check at your vet’s […]

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