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Check Out A Therapy Dog. Literally!

Therapy dogs are being appreciated these days in a wide variety of settings, from funeral homes to law school libraries. Yes, that’s right. You can now check out Monty from the Yale Law Library for up to 30 minutes. This is just a pilot program at the moment, but I could see this becoming a […]

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How To Be Happy This Holiday Season

Volunteer It’s a fact. Volunteering will make YOU happier and healthier – not to mention the effect you may have on someone  else. It brings about physiological and psychological changes. It eases pain.  Study after study proves this. And all these good feelings are known collectively as “helper’s high.” But, like jogging or walking, we […]

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How Can Autistic Kids and Dogs Work Together?

Children who have “autism spectrum disorder” often have difficulty making friends, expressing their needs verbally,understanding personal space and making eye contact. And with the entire summer looming before them, the end of the school year can mark a difficult time for the families of these children. Traditional camp environments are overwhelming for these kids and […]

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Give Your Dog A Job – Not A Bone

I really enjoy getting involved with my community, which in this case is Austin, Texas.  And I find that my dogs do as well. They are very social, in fact much more social than I am. For them, volunteering  has become an important part of their work week.  It is truly something they enjoy and get excited […]

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