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The Ticklish Issue of Dominance

There are many trainers who base their dog training methods on a mistaken interpretation of some research done in the 60’s involving captive grey wolves, dominance and “the pack.“ These beliefs have become so entrenched in popular culture that while getting to know a new client I make it a point to find out where […]

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A Small Revolution In Dog Training

How or why urban myths get started is a mystery and not only to me. The phenomenon has been studied by academics and they do not fully agree on how it happens. But there does seem to be a consensus that two elements are typically present – lack of information and fear. One persistent belief […]

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What Your Method of Dog Training May Say About You

What style dog training do you do? Have you ever wondered what this might say about  your relationship with your dog? This was a question that plagued Jessica Greenebaum before she did her research. She is with the Sociology Department of the Central Connecticut University. Her research compared the two most popular methods of training […]

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