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How To Keep Your Dog or Puppy Safe During The Holidays

  Hidden Holiday Dangers The holiday season offers abundant opportunities for your dog or puppy to wreak havoc and, in the process, hurt themselves. Though many of the dangers are obvious, there are a few that can easily be overlooked.  For instance,years ago we made a hasty Christmas Eve trip to the vet after we discovered […]

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Puppy Chewing And Prevention

A shoe here.  A couch there. Maybe some clothing or the occasional electrical cord. Do these account for some part of your puppy’s daily intake? Thinking of decorating with an industrial look? Say concrete and tin? Don’t despair. There is a way forward that doesn’t involve tooth extraction! I have both puppy-proofed and child-proofed a home and […]

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Dog and Puppy Health Issues

Before bringing your new puppy or dog  home,  find a vet that you feel comfortable working with.  Hopefully you won’t be seeing him often but you want someone with whom you have a rapport, whom you trust, whose bedside manner you like and is convenient to home.  Get a “well puppy” check at your vet’s […]

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