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Training Tune – Up

I’ve emphasized to my students the need for a reliable recall – a word that makes Fido stop in his tracks, pivot, and run right back at you with legs moving faster than a dog’s tail in a meat market. Safety is my number one reason. If your dog is headed into the slow lane of […]

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How To Play Chase With Your Dog

A Natural Favorite It is natural that dogs should like a game of  chase because in their distant past their survival depended on their ability to chase prey. Those who were not good at this “game” went hungry. While most dogs like a good fast game of chase, it is best to limit it to them chasing […]

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How to Train a Reliable “Come”

Have you wondered whether your dog was actually deaf? Can he hear the rattle of the leash when you pick it up to go for a walk, but when you ask him to come he shows no sign of having heard? Can he hear the sound of the treat jar opening a mile away but apparently […]

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