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Halloween, Stranger Danger and Your Dog

Halloween characters and costumes may not be much of a treat for your dog, especially if this is his very first Halloween. Young dogs who have only been part of the family for a short while are especially vulnerable as they have probably not even experienced your seasonal wardrobe change. When the first cold front […]

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Five Summertime Tips Your Dog Will Thank Me For

Sharing summertime fun with our canine pals brings its own set of issues and problems. Here are five tips to keep them safe. 1. When swimming, remember that many dogs will swim till they sink!  Either have a life jacket on them keep your eyes glued on them and just like children, you may need […]

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How To “Play Nice” At The Dog Park

by Guest Writer – Tina Harper, a friend and accredited trainer here in Austin! I’m a big fan of dog parks – they have so much potential.  Think about it: doggie-topia!  Dogs to play with, a safe place to run and play, socialization galore with people and other dogs and a tired doggie to take […]

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