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What Is The Best Gift For A Puppy?

Socialization - A Time Sensitive Gift To Your Puppy Many of us will find ourselves giving gifts to our dogs and puppies this holiday season. But if you have a puppy or will be getting one soon, please consider giving the very inexpensive but  most important gift of all – early and appropriate socialization. This is […]

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Is My Family Ready For A Dog?

What steps can a family take to have that great family dog? What things should a family consider in deciding whether or not they really want and are really ready for a family dog? Recognize that this is a very important decision for your family that will  impact you for 10-15 years. If you have young […]

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Affectionate Puppies and the Not So Affectionate

Some dogs, like people, are more affectionate than others and some breeds are notorious for expressing their affection more openly than others.  Most people, especially those who have grown up with dogs, consider this one of the primary reasons for having a dog.  They feel free expressing this love as well as being the object […]

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