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Quick Tip: How To Use Gooey Treats For Training

An important component when you are training your dog, is the immediate and timely rewarding of good behavior. With some dogs this is simply a scratch behind the ears, a toss of the ball or a few kind words.  But for the majority, when training NEW behaviors, the reward must be of a higher value.  […]

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Calling All Cookie Monsters and Treat Whores

“Me want Cookie! Me eat Cookie! Om nom nom nom. …Me want Cookie. Me eat Cookie” etc. Does this sound like your dog? Or does Fido fail to put out unless you show ‘em the money? In response to a post I wrote last week, Cyndi wrote “Great article! What about phasing off treats completely? At […]

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“How Do I Change My Dog’s Behavior?”

That is what training is, isn’t it? Effecting change on behavior. But what actually motivates your dog enough to make a change? Change is hard for everyone, even your dog or maybe especially your dog. I would like to believe that my dogs would change because they love and adore me and want to please […]

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